Modern Knitwear Design

Contemporary knitting design – is that even possible?

Of course that is possible! Clear lines, a casual look, modern designs: that’s what I stand for with my Mairlynd brand.

I cordially invite you to look around. Browse and be inspired! Here you will find knitting patterns for stylish projects of all kinds – scarves and shawls, accessories and garments. Enjoy the variety and send your imagination on a journey – what is your next project?

Latest designs

About my patterns

You can easily purchase my knitting patterns from Ravelry.

Ravelry – if you don’t know it yet – is a wonderful community in which there are not only a variety of knitting patterns, but also lively exchanges and resources of all kinds when it comes to knitting and wool.

Among other things, you will also find a group in which everything revolves around Mairlynd designs. Many people show their projects there, give tips and support and find inspiration.

KALs, i.e. knit-alongs, are regularly organized, with everyone knitting the same project. Feel free to drop by and join in!

About me

Hello, my name is Melanie. Would you like to know more about me? With pleasure.

My job is knitwear design, but job sounds far too dry. It is a passion for me, a matter of the heart, with which I make myself and many others happy at the same time. I love designing shawls – sometimes they are colorful, sometimes simple, sometimes elegant, sometimes gaudy, sometimes playful or sometimes real eye-catchers. The variety fascinates me!

A knitting project is usually very time consuming. It is therefore all the more important to me that you enjoy your project – the knitting itself, but also the finished piece. A sweater that doesn’t fit or a shawl that keeps slipping off your shoulders – that’s no joy!

My patterns are easy to understand and fun to make, and I hope you’ll love your finished project as much as I do mine.

What to expect from a Mairlynd design?


I love beautiful designs - clear lines, a modern look. You'll find this in all of my patterns.

Simple explanations

My patterns are easy to understand. You don't have to be a knitting expert to follow them.


It's important to me that you don't only enjoy your finished item, but also the process. Knitting should be fun!

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