Paperdawn has a free Row Map included, which makes knitting more accessible for chemo therapy patients and others who struggle with their concentration. Find out more about Row Maps here.

Say hello to Paperdawn, a captivating shawl that beautifully blends softness and substance, inspired by the gentle unfolding of a new day. Made with Baby Yak Medium by mYak, this shawl envelops you in warmth and enchantment.

With its plush texture and comforting weight, Paperdawn evokes the tender touch of a favorite book, inviting you to experience the artistry of each page turned. Like the pages of a story, it reveals layers of beauty, symbolizing the transformative power of every dawn.

Elevate your wardrobe with the magical charm of Paperdawn – where casual coziness intertwines with the poetic essence of new beginnings. Let this shawl become an embodiment of comfort, style, and the unfolding chapters of your life’s story.