Near my home is an area called Ruhrgebiet, where once nearly every man was a coal miner and the traditional miner’s greeting, “Glückauf”, is still used to wish each other good luck.

This asymmetrical triangle shawl takes its name from that greeting, and is inspired by this region.

When you visit, you’ll still find old coal mines. Some are in working order, but others have been turned into museums where you can see the conveyor belts which transported ore from the heart of the earth up to the furnaces to be smelted. The twisted ribbing pattern that borders Glückauf reminds me of those conveyor belts, while the shawl’s ribbed body and simple, smokey shade of gray are a tribute to the miners of the region.

Knit yours in Rosy Green Wool’s Manx Merino Fine for a shawl you’ll love to wear.