When mamazone, a German charity to support women with breast cancer, approached me with the idea to collaborate on a design that would give warmth and hope to those undergoing cancer treatment, I was very happy to say yes.

I received my own breast cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2021, and I know how suddenly, nothing is how it used to be. Love and support have carried me through this tough time, and this is what I want to pass on now:

Be a friend and knit your good wishes into this shawl!

You can do an entire shawl or make single triangles and send everyhing to mamazone. They will join them into shawls, and they’ll give these shawls to women undergoing treatment.

How amazing is that? Think of all the good wishes by knitters worldwide knitted into the single triangles, stitch by stitch. Think of all the love and the support. I know this makes a change.

Thank you for your backing. ♥